Providing A Hand UP 🙌 with faith-based #dailylife coaching & Case Management Support for developing entrepreneurs looking for clarity, confidence, and consistency as they write the vision, heal from trauma, and create a Healthier lifestyle so that they can launch 🚀and faithfully steward that dream biz!


Are you ready to get it together in 30-days so you can finally write your story?

You know that biz plan for the book, online shop, MLM, or Dream Biz that God placed in you to create is not going to create itself.

Snag my 8-step Signature Checklist so you can take the exact steps needed to help you get your #dailylife in order so that you can finally WRITE THE VISION AND MAKE IT PLAIN!

At Well Valley, we serve the feared, the lost, the forgotten, and or the deserted by leading from our scars. We all have a story and your story may need some healing. However, we believe that is why you are HERE!


A Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), and when you completely surrender your life to Jesus, (Romans 10) you will be able to get your healing and mature into that BIG VISION AND OR DREAM BIZ.

He gave you that BIG DREAM for a reason!

Your unhealed hurts, pains, trauma, addiction, fear, and whatever else the enemy has sent your way to cloud your INTERNAL ROADMAP, is what we aim to help you get set free from so that you can TRULY know Jesus and walk out the plans HE HAS FOR YOU!

If you're ready to grow in prayer, make a plan, prepare for the plan, and proceed into a child-like faith of mindset work, vision building, healing, processing to your God-given purpose, and seeing God transform you into the AWAKENED LEADER He predestined you to be-- scroll below to learn more about our services and or visit the contact page and set up your Free #juststart consultation with one of our Community Conn3ct Coaches.

Our intensive and extensive case management services via faith-based life coaching, mentoring, training, teaching, bible study, and much much more.

Welcome to Well Valley!

The True Drink of Jesus- Never Runs Dry! John 4

When you leave here, you will have processed your story, packaged your story, and be ready to share your story for the Glory of God!


Here at Well Valley, we aim to help you get it together in your faith and family so that you can steward the abundance God created you for in family and biz. We do this by providing various "freebies"/resources that you can implement into your daily life. This is the starting process we recommend for our clients before they even decide to sow a seed or invest in our business programs.

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