YOU CAN Get it together, HOMESCHOOL, and launch your dream biz, Awakened Leader!

Are you a creative career woman transitioning to stay-at-home mom life and sitting on a dream work-from-home biz? Do you feel Holy Spirit calling you to do more but the roadblocks, family drama, and fear of the enemy hold you back from DOING WHAT YOU'RE BORN TO DO? 

Let's Be Friends, Sister! 

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Daily Life Overcome Strategist and Biz Conn3ct

🤩Hi, My Name is Angelica Stanley and I help Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs looking to work from home or start that side hustle get it together and walk out their calling.

As a stay-at-home mama, getting it together came with addressing my postpartum depression and or anxiety by facing it. 

Getting my fruit back was what unlocked my clarity confidence and consistency when it came to launching Well Valley, this podcast, groups, and courses. 

I want that for you. 

You can uncover your God-Given Purpose and unleash your Calling.

I can help you through my Holy Spirit- Led Faith-Based Approach, Get Yo' Fruit Back.

This podcast will help you get clear on your calling, Start an online business, launch a podcast, self-publish a book/journal, create a coaching program that fits your daily life and grow your faith.

🎙In this podcast, you will discover Christ-Centered Coaching within #dailylife and Business Development, mindset work, special guests, real, raw, and relatable walking in faith inspiration, Live Coaching, freebies, and much more!