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Angelica Stanley

Faith, Family, and Business Development Support for called ministry leaders, coaches, speakers, authors, and podcasters looking to digitally streamline their online business while creating their transformation methods and service packages. 

NO more running from being still in the Lord. 

NO more chaos, confusion, and emotional roller coaster days. 

Say Goodbye to the highs and lows of anxiety and depression that cripples your daily life tasks of self-care, wife life, and mom life because you're so stuck on thinking about the future that you feel defeated before you have even started. 

Think of me as the DJ in the passenger seat helping you identify the things stopping you, move with prayer and supplication, and cheer you on as you grow through #dailylife challenges. 

Together, we focus on #dailylife routines that fit you and your family since you and your family life is the most important ministry and or business anyone could have. 

We also focus on setting effective goals. You know, the ones that seem so big- yeah, we tackle those ones. With my simple #dailylife Focus goal-setting method, you will learn to implement The 4 P's To Success so that your Bloom Goals grow as you grow.  

your possible roadmap at well valley academy!

first step!

Join the community of aspiring entrepreneurs and ministry leaders looking to fruitfully develop in spiritual warfare as they prepare the vision to launch into what God has created them to do while keeping faith and family the focus in ministry and business endeavors.  

Second step!

Homeschool and Online Business For Christian Entrepreneurs Called To Leadership 

 Tune in to Niche to Nations for weekly episodes of practical tips, heartfelt prayers, and biblical wisdom. Join us with kids in the background as we help you prepare for a lifestyle of peace and not chaos. Discover how to package your leadership method, self-publish it, build your biz, and launch to the nations. Prepare to pray, plan, prep, publish, and proceed to the calling God created you for!

third step

What if you could turn your journey into a leadership offer as a mentor, coach, speaker, author, or entrepreneur? 

Become the leader God created you to be and make a living helping others through ministering, coaching, mentoring, speaking, publishing, digital products, or that cute online boutique. 

fourth step 

4 WEEK ROADMAP created to help you homeschool and start selling digital products online. This exclusive Bundle comes with: 

Canva Crash Course 

Insta Ready 

and Instagram Growth Guide! 

All of which are PLR products when Playbook is purchased ! 

fourth step 

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a published author?


Or maybe provide your clients with a tangible item that packages your expertise? 

How about taking all that amazing content you have and sharing it with the world? Not only will this open up a stream of income, but it can help you Just Start that dream business! 

 The Management. The Process. The Systems. The Stewardship! 

Join P2P FOR an 8-week course adventure that will have you ready to hit publish


The Wisdom Fix  

Have you ever needed a question answered in family and business but don't want the monthly membership or course I'm offering at the time? 

What about having that brilliant idea and just want me to help you hash it out so that it's not just stuck in your brain causing you anxiety and overwhelm? 

What if you could ask ME your Daily Life Overcome Strategist and Biz Connect Coach, 7 days a week from 1pm to 5pm MST, ALL the start-up family and biz questions from: 

👩‍💻Organization and Planning 

👩‍🏫Homeschool Curriculum and Transition 

💻Websites for ministry, coaches, course creators, and products 


🥳Your Leadership/ Business Offers 

🌻Branding & Design 

🔥Business Foundations and how to get started

Welp! I have never done this before, so I'm excited to offer this to YOU first!

For $25 bucks a month, I can help you on a pay-as-you-need basis! 


This gets you instant access to my Discipleship Community of Women called Faith, Business, and Leadership. I help you with a monthly masterclass, monthly end-of-month planning, and support. 


All communications are done via WhatsApp!

Sign up Below! 

looking for some graphic, digital marketing, content creation, event planning or promoting

Are you ready to elevate your online presence and give your ideas the stunning digital design they deserve? 

Look no further – Divine Design is here to empower you on your journey!

🎨 Unlock the Power of Divine Design: Transform Your Ideas into Visual Masterpieces!

At Well Valley, LLC, we understand the importance of captivating design in launching and growing your online business. Divine Design is not just a program; it's a pathway to bringing your vision to life with creativity, excellence, and a touch of divine inspiration.

My three coaching packages serve whatever kind of support you’re looking for. 

Have a look-see:

The packages below are created to be monthly coaching options with a limit of 3 months at a time. Majority of my client's work with me for  9 months to a year when building their business. We then scale their business. 

Below are the different package offers. Each membership comes with the new Vision Meets Purpose Monthly Fruit Planner and Journal. 

The bundles are in order and help you move along Angelica's Leadership Method and Service Packages. 

Package Includes:

This package is for you if you do not have your offers or leadership roadmap packaged

 I recommend starting with a Set It UP Saturday VIP DAY where Angelica will help you streamline all your offers by helping you discover your service roadmap in a 2-hour Saturday Session plus you will leave with 30 days of pocket coaching.

Package Includes:

3 months of private coaching and private chat support.

3 45-minute calls over 3 months

Package Includes:

3 months of private coaching and private chat support.

twelve 45-minute weekly calls over a 3-month period. 

Want the occasional leadership check-in?

How about a VIP DAY! 

This is for you if You have worked with me in the past and are now walking in the fruit of your inner healing work by the power of HOLY SPIRIT. 

This occasional "maintenance" package is for 30 days and we work on updating your service packages, offers, and all things tech as we Holy Ghost Ride the whip in fruitful collaboration. 

This is a one-time service fee and allows me the option to plug you into any newer course I may have that would help you in scaling your business to the next level. 

Click below to fill out the form to get started! 

I've worked with mom's all around the United States and this is what I know! 

Everyday tasks require bravery, especially as a mom. Balancing responsibilities can be tough and finding someone who can relate can be even harder. However, speaking with a coach who understands your struggles and goals can be incredibly beneficial. It feels great to have someone who can empathize with your situation and help you navigate any challenges that may arise.

The truth is that you don't necessarily require a coach.

However, it's good to work with a coach because you can waste time not able to see the blinders.

Having a coach can improve your skills and be a powerful tool for growth, even if it's not necessary. It's worth considering if you value the coaching industry and want guidance from someone with more experience.

We're gonna work well together if:

We won't work well together if: 

And now for those FAQ’s…

What kind of payment plans are available? Yes, I do have payment plans available. Set it Up Saturday has a split payment option. Start-Up and Fruitful leader packages are monthly and I'm willing to do bi-weekly or payday options for you. 

What if I don't have the money? I know what it's like to be in this position and that's why I help my clients get started in affiliate marketing so they can start building an income to help fund their business. If this is something you're interested in email me at 

At this point- you have to invest and do what you can with what you have and that's a skill set I help you discover. 

What about refunds? Can't do it!  Our sessions alone are worth more than $97 dollars. I am not doing this for the money I am doing this in obedience. I am a disciple assigned to the marketplace and if only accept working with people we both believe the Lord has connected us to work together. 

How are sessions scheduled? After payment is made, you will be directed to your next steps including my client calendar.


There is someone out there who has prayed and God awakened you for such a time as this! 

Are you ready for that!?